Ways of Marketing Businesses on Pinterest for Beginners

Pinterest is one of the latest additions to the social media networks. It allows its users to create image collages, also known as pinboards, and share them with other users. A unique feature of Pinterest is its stunning beauty. It is definitely the site to visit whenever you truly want to relax and have peace of mind. Behind all its beauty lies a great opportunity for businesses in terms of marketing.


Pinterest has not publicize their numbers but third party analysis shows estimates of about 40 million active users. The number is growing at a really fast rate as well. Records show that in the first month of 2012, the traffic that Pinterest drove to websites was more that YouTube, Reddit, Google Plus and LinkedIn combined. Some part of the traffic created is definitely attributed to most marketers’ genius decisions to buy Pinterest followers or buy Pinterest likes. Some of the ways that you can use Pinterest for marketing effectively are;

  1. Business name

Ensure that your business name is featured on your profile to create maximum exposure. You may choose the user name or profile name to be the business name.

  1. Profile

The ‘about’ section in your profile should contain a paragraph on who you are and what your interests are. This always shows up under your picture.

  1. Leverage

You should connect your Pinterest account to your Twitter and Facebook accounts. This will help to attract more followers. Icons of Twitter and Facebook will also be added below your profile picture, linking to the respective accounts. More followers can always be easily added to your account when you buy Pinterest followers or buy Pinterest likes

  1. Website link

Ensure that you add the URL of your website in your profile.

  1. Start pinning

You should pin a lot of content, but make sure you do it steadily. This will help in maximizing engagement and exposure.

  1. Board names

Employ your creativity to come up with interesting board names. Any time you pin, the board name will be shared, so they need to be enticing. Keep it short and simple as well

  1. Tags

You can tag other users using the [email protected] in any of your descriptions. Use tags to network or engage with other Pinterest users.

  1. Commenting

Try to post comments on the pins of other people. It helps to engage you with other users. Keep the comments clean and positive.


Show that you recognize and appreciate great content by liking, or giving a thumbs up, the pins of other people.

  1. Pinning and repining

Apart from pinning your unique posts, you can do a number of repining, which means that you repeat the exact pin of another user to your followers. This will eventually lead to more followers for both you and the owner of the pin. When you buy Pinterest followers or buy Pinterest likes, the new followers are also likely to repin your content.

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